About Cake Queen

Cake Queen was launched in 2014 by Lesley Goodchild from her home kitchen in Sprowston, Norwich. 


Lesley's quest for cupcake perfection began in 2011 when she was determined to create the 100+ cupcakes for her daughter's wedding. In the months leading up to the big day, her family and friends were forced (what a shame!) to taste-test her creations day after day, although they were perfect after the third attempt! (Funny, but they never told her!)


After that, she had floods of requests from family, friends and friends-of-friends for bespoke creations and went on to giant cupcakes and celebration cakes, too!


This naturally turned into a business and the list of satisfied, repeat customers is growing rapidly.


Lesley is also happy to report that she has been inspected by Broadland Council and holds a FSA 5 star food hygiene rating. 



Cake Queen Cupcakes